Why Buy American?
Many of the economic and societal problems we face in America today can be at least partially remedied by making a focused effort to keep our dollars at home. Jobs will be retained, manufacturing will be supported and the quality of products will continue to increase.
American Products support the US economy
It almost goes without saying, but your purchase of products made in the USA will support the country's economy. Keeping your dollars at home helps keep manufacturing jobs here, it helps keep transportation jobs here, and it helps support the infrastructure we have all worked so hard to build.
Safety and worker standards
Working conditions in the USA are closely monitored and regulated; you'll be buying products made by people who earn a decent wage for what they do. This isn't always the case with products from some other countries. In favor of a lower selling price, some foreign companies subject their employees to terrible working conditions, long hours, and low pay.  
After Purchase Support
American companies care about your repeat business. If you have a problem, a question, or a complaint after purchase, you can count on American companies to stand behind their product and make it right.
Environmental Concerns
When you buy products made in the USA, you can be assured that the manufacturer is being held to strict environmental and waste standards; the same is not true for many other countries where manufacturing is prominent. In fact, some foreign manufacturers are subject to very few environmental protection policies. We all share this planet, and supporting good environmental policy starts at home.