Happy to see a sight like this.

Chuck Galer, Alabama

Time to rev up the middle class, just like after WWII

Linda Curia, Arizona

Wouldlucky catalog if you have one

fred stuessy, California

Exited to see your website

Wanda Garay, Connecticut

I'm a firm believer that Americans should by and support American made and businesses and manufacturing

Christopher N. Prater, Georgia

I'm a teamster local 710 Chicago. I insist in my household that we only purchase products made in America, but as we all know that's impossible. We do the best we can.

Carey Johnson, Illinois

Buy American. I'm a Union Ironworker. Be American, buy American!

Ed Jarden, Illinois


Randy Reynolds, Illinois

I believe.

Donnie, Kentucky

Great site!!!!

sam Norton, Massachusetts

Thanks for the site; I have been looking for a store that only sells American products!

Robert, Michigan

Where does this go, info@mbafa.com?

Gavin Leake, Minnesota

The awareness of American made products by the ABC had a huge impact on my buying... To support Americans is to buy American made products..and the coverage on TV by Diane Sawyer for many weeks was great.. Now we need an app that is easier to navigate so we can buy products:)

Darleen Graden, Minnesota


Mathew, Minnesota

I would like to buy USA products

David Dell-Priscoli, New Jersey

G o o d site

Jaime Rodriguez, New Jersey

I try to buy America when I could

Steve Germain, New York

Shop American

Francis Kuebler, Pennsylvania


Joe Whelan, Rhode Island

This is beyond outstanding! Thank you for putting this together.

David Allen, South Dakota

Of Americans don't buy American goods who will ?

roy, Tennessee

Keep it in the USA

Chris Epton, Tennessee

This is an outstanding project

doñ littlepage, Texas

This is an outstanding project

doñ littlepage, Texas

Hi Gavin.

Janet Leake, Virginia

I'm onboard, every little bit helps.

Nathan, Washington

Makes buying American so much easier, no guesswork!

Dave Stevens, Washington

Thank you

Paul Maki, Wisconsin


Welcome to MBAFA.COM, we've brought together over 250,000 American Made Products to make a One-Stop-Shop making it easier to Buy American. The more people that join the movement the more American Manufacturing Jobs we can support.