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We know it can be difficult or just inconvenient to make sure the products you're buying are made in the USA. We all say we want to support the US economy and buy American, but how many of us still do when there are more convenient, foreign-manufactured products close to hand?

Made by Americans for Americans is a company with a simple but important purpose: to encourage you to keep your discretionary income in the USA with American companies, and to make it easy for you to do so.

We’re your one-stop shop for products made here in the US, and we believe that every purchase of an American-made product makes a difference. Our streamlined search engine filters through hundreds of thousands of Amazon products, and returns the American-made options. If buying American-made is this easy, why not give us a try? If you're not convinced of the importance of buying American, please take a look at "Why buy American" on our site; we hope to educate you about some of the benefits of keeping your money stateside when you can.

We’ve invested our time and resources to provide an option for you to keep more of your hard-earned money in the US economy.

It’s a way for your to see your dollars have a direct impact on creating American jobs. There’s no extra mark-up on the products we sell, and every time you purchase through our site, your contribution has a positive impact on keeping jobs at home. We're providing you with an opportunity to buy where your purchase will make a difference.

Made by Americans for Americans offers over 250,000 American-made products, with more being added all the time. But sometimes, we may not have exactly what you're looking for. All we ask is that you try American-made first, before you look to overseas manufacturers for your purchasing needs. If you were unable to find what you need on MBAFA, please click on the "Couldn't find what you were looking for?" link at the bottom of the search results page. Then, if you like, you can try your search at other popular retailers (Target, Amazon, Best Buy, etc.). We hope you'll try America first next time too, so please take a moment to hit CTRL + D and bookmark our page.


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